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Ready to Learn More About Holistic Financial Planning?

“With effective planning, financial peace of mind is possible!”
-Elizabeth Caldwell, CFP®

You know that the growth of your investments and net worth is crucial to the financial independence you seek for you and your family. You just don’t know how to get there from here because of the vast array of financial products, changes in the tax law, and the lack of time to become more knowledgeable about investments.  You feel uncertain if you are setting enough aside for retirement and if the investments you have are appropriate for your situation. You are unsure if you have provided for your family in case of your premature death.  You are afraid to set big goals because you think they are not attainable.  You know there must be a better way to plan for retirement.

What if your finances were organized and you had a definite plan in place to work toward achieving financial independence? 

What if:

  • You tracked your progress on a regular basis?
  • You had reviewed your goals and dreams and had a plan for achieving the most important of these?
  • You knew that you were saving enough for retirement to insure continuation of your current lifestyle?
  • Your plan took advantage of new tax law changes and retirement plan options?
  • Your portfolio was diversified and was invested in well-performing investments?
  • You had an emergency fund and were prepared for unexpected events such as major medical expenses or a job loss?
  • You had a sensible budget that fit your lifestyle, and could easily track your spending? 
  • Achieving financial peace of mind is possible. 

With effective financial planning, you can make choices today, which will allow you to retire and greatly influence the quality of your life in the years to come.  Once you begin, time is on your side through the benefits of compound interest and long term investing.