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Holistic Financial Planning for Couples & Individuals

The more you can dream, the more you can do.
-Michael Korda

Welsh Hills Financial works with couples and individuals who are apprehensive and uncertain  about how to plan for retirement and organize their financial life.

People who seek my help have money invested in stocks and bonds, but do not have a tax-friendly and well-performing portfolio.  They have realized that retirement is not as far away as it once seemed! They are concerned about taxes and how they will pass their assets to the next generation. They don’t know how much insurance they need. They have come to appreciate the value of expert unbiased financial advice and are willing to follow it. 

Are some of these statements true for you? 

“My wife and I are both employed in rewarding, but demanding jobs.  We hope to retire when I turn 60, in order to spend more time with our grandchildren and each other.  Neither one of us has the time or inclination to read up on investing and building wealth.  We just set aside the maximum allowed in our 401K accounts at work.  Will these investments provide enough money to meet this goal?” 

“I have used a large portion of my savings to invest in the stock market, but the fluctuations are unsettling for me.  I have done all my own stock picking and investing in the past, but have not had the return I hoped for.  How do I find a more secure way to grow my money?” 

“I want to make sure my wife and children are taken care of, no matter what happens to me.  I own my own business and cannot afford a lengthy illness or disability.  I’m sure there are insurance products which could help, but I don’t know how to find the right ones.  Can you help me by forecasting various financial problems and recommending appropriate solutions?” 

“I am going through a divorce, and am unfamiliar with how to handle my finances.  My husband always took care of the investments, insurance, and taxes although I am sure I can learn.  I want stability and financial security in my life as soon as possible.  Can you show me how to organize my financial life in order to achieve these goals?” 

My husband has a great job, and a better than average salary, but we still find ourselves running out of cash by month’s end.  I believe we spend too much in several areas, but I am not sure since we don’t track our spending.  We would like to begin investing while we are still young.  Can you help us formulate a realistic budget, and free up money for investing? 

You are likely to be successful working with Welsh Hills Financial if:

  • You are willing to set financial goals which you have a passion to achieve
  • You have moderate to great control over your spending, or are committed to developing a budget/spending plan
  • You value professional expertise and integrity in an advisor, as well as the ability to make complex subjects understandable
  • You  have patience – you want to build wealth, not gamble on “quick financial fixes”