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How I Work

A financial plan should be based on a client’s goals and dreams.
-Elizabeth Caldwell, CFP®

Your best interest, and most importantly, your goals and dreams are kept in mind during the entire financial planning process. 

I am a Certified Financial Planner®, and member of NAPFA and the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners, both nationwide groups of ‘fee only’ planners.  These affiliations enable me to provide my clients with a broad scope of expertise, especially when unusual questions arise. 


I do not receive commissions or any income from products that I recommend to my clients.  Therefore, I keep your best interest in mind during the entire financial planning process.  

Comprehensive Approach

I review your total financial situation, make recommendations, and help you implement the changes. I believe that all financial decisions affect other areas of the financial planning process.  

Open Retainer

The annual fee includes a review of your situation and the ability for you to contact me to answer additional questions throughout the year.  Most of my clients choose to work with me on a long term basis so that I can monitor their progress and make changes as necessary. 

What to Expect the First Year

During the initial year I schedule appointments to review all areas of financial planning.  These include cash flow, goal setting, investment review and implementation, insurance, estate and tax planning. In addition, I calculate a financial independence projection, and help with business planning or education planning if required. You receive recommendation sheets and other documents at each appointment and help with implementing the necessary changes. Between appointments, I keep in touch with you via email and phone.  You may contact me at any time to ask questions

What to Expect in Renewal Years

In renewal years, I meet with you 3 or 4 times to track your progress and make necessary changes. These appointments focus on investment updates, tax planning, and review of changes in your situation. As with the initial year, you may contact me at any time to ask questions