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About Elizabeth Caldwell, MA, CFP® 

Control your destiny or someone else will.
-Jack Welsh

Elizabeth Caldwell, MA, CFP®

I feel that it is very important to understand each client’s goals and dreams, as these form the basis for the entire financial planning experience.  I encourage visualizing the end result, and regularly reviewing it, as a catalyst to accomplishing these goals.

I provide a holistic financial plan.  By looking at all aspects and needs of your finances, I can make sure all areas are working together to maximize your net worth and your peace of mind.  

Remaining flexible and altering a plan when circumstances change is also key in the long-range journey to financial success.  

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My Guiding Principles and Priorities for my Clients 

  • Keep It Simple 
    Unnecessary complexity is avoided by answering any and all questions until you are comfortable with your plan.  I make clear, written recommendations, so that you have a game plan for any actions needed between appointments.
  • Be Responsive and Available 
    You can reach me by phone, fax, mail or email.  I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.
  • Display Honesty and Integrity 
    I believe these guiding principles are the foundation for success, both personal and financial. Honesty is the best policy” is not just a trite phrase in my business.
  • Be Fee-Only 
    My compensation comes only from agreed-upon fees.  I do not sell products, or receive commissions from any part of the financial planning process.
  • Create Value 
    I work to save the client money and add value to his or her net worth totaling more than my fee each year. 

My Background 

I founded Welsh Hills Financial Services, a fee-only financial planning firm, in 1994, building on my personal investment experience and strong educational background in finance. My business has twin goals. I am committed to professional excellence: emphasizing investments and the various areas of financial planning. This is superceded only by my commitment to my clients, helping them identify and realize their goals and dreams by completing the financial planning process.  

I have had a long term interest in finance and economics. Ireceived a BA degree in economics from Ohio University and a MA degree in economics from Ohio State University.  I also graduated from the College of Financial Planning in Denver and am a Certified Financial Planner®

I am registered with the Ohio Division of Securities and am a member of several professional organizations – National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), Financial Planning Association (FPA), and National Association of Tax Preparers (NATP).

I am a member of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners, a national group of fee only planners.   I served as the co-chair of the Cambridge Advisors Directed Portfolio Committee for 6 years.  In addition, I have been a labor market analyst, an economic researcher at Ohio State University, and an administrative/patient relations director for a health services firm.  

Staying ahead of the field is essential in providing my clients with the best possible service.  My association and constant interaction with my ACP Colleagues brings a synergy and source of information unique in the financial planning business.  My participation in national and regional seminars, such as the Gear Up Tax Seminar and the National NAPFA Conference, keep me up to date on the changes in tax law and other areas which have a direct impact on my clients. 

A native of southeastern Ohio, I have lived in the Granville area since 1970.  I work at balancing my professional life with volunteer work in church and community, as well as keeping up with my two adult sons.  I enjoy traveling, gardening, studying nutrition, and spending time with my friends.